Embracing the Grinch: Holidays & Special Needs


Thriving in the Holidays with Your Special Needs Child Our family sat snuggled up in the family room in front of a crackling fire, ready for one of our favorite holiday traditions…the annual watching of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. ...

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Atmosphere of Peace


A Need for Peace School around the kitchen table, with multiple ages and grade levels, can be challenging in and of itself. Add to the mix stress, noise, and interruptions, and school time can become overwhelming. Aromatherapy for the School ...

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Giving Independence


I’m Not a Bad Mom! The mom across from me at our homeschool co-op was explaining how she had never had a babysitter except for grandparents. She expounded on how she loved her kids so much she couldn’t risk having ...

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Younger Over Older


I thought my child was so brilliant! I started homeschooling my oldest daughter for fairly poor reasons. I wanted to register her in public school, but she was too young and they thought she had ADD. So I went to ...

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PTA Chronicles: The Important Thing, Part 2


Dear Melyssa, When in the throes, what does it look like to put emphasis on THE MOST IMPORTANT thing? I’m trying to remember that my relationship with them and their relationship with God is most important, but what does that ...

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The PTA Chronicles: Important Things, Part 1


Important Things Dear Melyssa, How do you get through each day homeschooling your children when, deep down, you’d rather be doing something else…like reading a book or sewing or doing something that you want to do for yourself? Heather   ...

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The Total Knowledge of Culture Life


The following is an excerpt from a speech given by Francis Schaeffer.  A Christian Education Now, moving from public schools to private schools, what is the priority? Notice I am not saying Christian schools, but all private schools, including Christian schools. ...

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It’s Elementary, Watson!


Where do you go to school? The question arises frequently. Whether at the doctor, dentist, orthodontist, local YMCA, or new activity, the kids answer with “we homeschool.” Over the years, homeschooling has become more and more accepted and, dare I ...

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Am I Qualified to Homeschool?


Are You Qualified? Becca was so psyched about her decision to homeschool. She was a woman on a mission. She found a curriculum she liked, joined a local support group, and discovered loads of ideas on Pinterest. She ordered some ...

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The Silent Partner


Is He A Silent Partner? Webster’s Online Dictionary defines the term “silent partner” this way: “A partner who is known to the public but has no voice in the conduct of a firm’s business.” Does that make you flinch? When ...

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The Story of (“That Family’s”) Christmas


We begin our tale on a blustery winter’s day, mere days from our Lord and Savior’s birthday. The stockings are hung by the chimney radiator with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon will be there (unless our most conservative ...

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Impacting Worldview Through Story


The Story Behind the Project Recently, Family Magazine featured Prison Heroes 101, YWAM Publishing’s effort to deliver copies of 65 Christian Heroes Then & Now titles to 1319 state and federal prisons around the country. But one question remains. Why ...

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