Top 10 Ways to Keep Your New Year on Track


Top Ten Organization Countdown 10. Attainable goals: You can easily list attainable goals for the next six months to a year. No Wonder Woman stuff here. Attainable goals. 9. Reward Yourself: Plan to reward yourself once a month. An afternoon off. A bubble ...

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How to be a Christmas Witness


For many Christian families, Christmas is one of the most special times of the year. It is the time for us to celebrate the miraculous birth of Jesus, our wonderful Savior, and a time for us to share sumptuous feasts ...

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When Christmas Isn’t Merry

WHEN CHRISTMAS ISN'T MERRY - We typically think of Christmas as a time of joy, and with good reason. Celebrating the birth of our Savior is certainly cause for joy! It’s also one of those times when we feel the loss of our loved ones most acutely. #homeschool #Christmas

“Can I just hibernate until spring?” I asked my husband just before Thanksgiving. Mom had passed away suddenly in March, and even though eight months had passed, I was dreading the coming holiday season. It would never be the same ...

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Holidaze and Near-Death Experiences


Every year I regale you lucky ducks with our near-death experiences during our annual Christmas Tree Hunt. Every year is different, seeing as how we’re gypsy wannabes who can’t stay put or go to the same mountain every year (pfft! ...

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What Does it Mean?


Significance in Our Treasures When I was growing up, we loved to decorate for Christmas. The tree went up right after Thanksgiving. Tinsel lined the stairwell, accompanied by stockings from previous years. Nativity sets, a holiday village, and other décor ...

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Christmas Memories


// What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more! – Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas // In an effort to keep the consumerism at bay and harness the few ...

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Beautiful Imperfection


*CRASH*   “Oh no. Mommy. I’m so sorry!” I’ll never forget the year my sweet five-year-old daughter bumped one of my glass ornaments off the tree, causing it to shatter on the ground. The poor thing thought she had ruined Christmas! ...

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5 Tips for Cultivating Contentment

5 TIPS FOR CULTIVATING CONTENTMENT - We celebrate Christ's coming to earth at this time. That is truly an amazing thought. God humbled himself for us. As a parent, aren't you in awe when you stop and think about Jesus being born in a stable with the animals? Take time out of the busyness to instill that in your child. #homeschool #Christmas

That time of year is rolling around again when we remember Christ’s birth and take extra time celebrating family. Oh wait! We are also inundated with advertising and wish lists. The words “I want…” become frequently heard. How do we ...

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Jesus Tree

JESUS TREE - There is no other time in our year set aside to think so happily and thoroughly about who Jesus is and what he’s done. That makes Advent and Christmas a perfect time to put in front of us everything we can think of that reminds us of him. #homeschool #Christmas

Decorating the Jesus Tree Talitha: “Mom, I have a tiny disco ball to hang on the Jesus Tree!” Me: “Before you do that, you need to tell me how that disco ball relates to Jesus.” Talitha: “Mmm…well…Jesus is the light ...

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Simple Christmas


Remember, this year’s “must-have gifts,” are next year’s garage-sale items. I always try to keep that perspective before getting wrapped up in the flurry around Christmas of things we must have—because in the end, it is a temporary enjoyment. One ...

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Organize Your Holidays


5 Homeschool Holiday Survival Tips The season has quickly arrived and Christmas is in full swing. Between the shopping, math lessons, gift wrapping, science experiments, baking, and Bible studies, how does a homeschool mom juggle it all? Here are five ...

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Family Decorating Tips


Before kids, I was one of those people who had color-coordinated Christmas tree decorations. None of this hap-hazard hodgepodge stuff for me! Then came the year that I let the little ones decorate the bottom part of the tree. There ...

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